Mini Advance

4 – 6 Years (Invite Only)


This fun filled class is a class for your children to experience the preparation towards competition style. These classes are the foundation to many pathways throughout the sport leading children to several disciplines.


  • Development
    Saturday 9am-1pm
    Monday 4:30-8:30pm

    (Invite Only)


Development: 4 – 6 years


Monthly Fee: £70

Annual Fee:

  • Club Membership : £31 ( £10 discount for an additional child)
  • British Gymnastics Insurance £19

Floor and Vault Rules 

  • Wear a leotard for training.
  • Hair should be tied back tightly.
  • Gymnasts should attend all lessons – if unable to attend please inform a coach in advance or contact the gym (failure to attend without contact for 3 weeks will result in the loss of place).
  • Gymnasts should attend all competitions (failure to attend without a valid reason will result in loss of place).
  • Wear correct uniform to all competitions – hair tied tightly back, No nail varnish, make up or jewellery.

Competitive Squad Rules


  • All gymnasts in a Competitive squad are expected to attend all relevant competitions.
  • All gymnasts must be in club uniform at competition.
  • No gymnast is allowed any time off 3 weeks prior to a competition.
  • Any training sessions off site must be attended by all relevant  gymnasts.
  • Bad behaviour will not be tolerated at any time or venue.

Please see below for our current selection of classes.

Play Gym

0-5 Years

Floor & Vault Squad

7 years + (Invite Only)


3-5 Years

Novice - General Gymnastics/

6 years +


4 ½ – 7 years only

Mini Advance

4 – 6 Years (Invite Only)


4½ years +


7 Years + (Invite Only)


Beginners: 4½ – 11 years, Squad: 11+ or by invite


5 years - adult

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