Gymnast of the month – Adam – December

Chloe Durham

Chloe Has won gymnast of the month for her continued determination to get batter and conquer fears such as the high beam this was quite a struggle to start with but over this month she has done really well to gain more confidence and self belief. This gain in confidence has caused improvement in other areas of skills like her cartwheels and rolls Making this reward very well deserved.

Paige Davis

Paige has won gymnast of the month because of her hard work and always having a positive attitude,smile on her face. She has improved a lot with her skills in the gym especially with her shape jumps and she has also had great focus on learning a full routine.


Agnes has won gymnast of the month because of her improvement with her skills on beam and floor. All her walking Forward,sideways and Backwards on beam has gotten a lot better with high toe and on floor her rolls,cartwheels and handstand holds have improved with her body shapes and her understanding of technique is very good.

Freyja Randall

Freyja has won gymnast of the month because of her improvement with skills on the beam. Her balancing has got a lot better and her shape jumps such as tuck jump,Star jump and her straddle jump have seen major improvement with her toes being pointed and having a tight body to keep the shape not only has her shapes got better but her landings have improved.

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