Gymnast of the month – Coach Stephanie – August

Mini Advance

Jasmine Wallis

Jasmine has worked very hard this month on all of her required skills. She is one of the youngest of the group but manages to keep up with the level of the older gymnasts. Even though she struggles to remember her full routine the skills within it have come on so far from when she joined the group.


Lexi Thomas

Lexi has just moved up to this group after having an injury. She has worked hard to come back from injury and prove she’s capable to be in this group. She has gives her all in every session. She will give everything ago and will never shy away from trying a new skill.

Saturday Beginners 2

Maisie Belcher

Maisie has worked hard this month on her Olympic challenges. She has been determined to achieve as many challenges as she can. She always puts 100% effort into all of her skills and never complains when she is challenged. Well done Maisie .

Saturday Beginners 1

Sofia Piroga

Sofia has worked hard on her Olympic challenges this month. She has over come some of her fears by doing these challenges. She works hard within the sessions and will always help any new members of the group.

Eve Harrison

Saturday Novice 2

Eve has been very determined this month to given many new skills ago. She will never complain when she is given new challenges and will always give 100%. She will is always willing to demonstrate and will help others within the group that are struggling.

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