Gymnast of the month – Coach Stephanie – September

Mini Advance

Mia Shufflebotham

Mia has worked very hard on learning her routine this month. She has put in the time at home and within the gym to learn all the skills required. She is improving week by week and is very keen to keep improving. She has been very helpful within the group to welcome and help anyone new to the squad.


Emily Tosh

Emily has put her head down this month to get all her skills up to scratch. She is always putting in 100% effort in to her training. She is keen to learn new skills and progress up to the next level. She is always willing to help others within the group.

Saturday Beginners

Ivy-Gwen Lloyd

Ivy has done very well this month. She only started gymnastics 1 month ago and has already learnt so many new moves. She has stood out to all the staff on a Saturday because of her hard work and determination. Due to her determination and development this month is wont be long before Ivy will progress up the levels.

Saturday Novice 2

Matvey Elizarov

Matvey has worked very hard on his basic skills. By doing this he was able to start developing these further. He is very keen to learn and progress within gymnastics. I have seen a massive improvement within his skills and confidence since he has been in this group. I look forward to seeing Matvey improve further.

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