Gymnast of the month – Steph – May

Mini Advance

Nova Osborn

Nova has worked very hard this month within the group. She has began to learn a new routine and has worked hard on all of her skills. Even though she does less hours than the rest she is still trying the skills the others are learning. She is very keen to learn and is desperate to develop her skills and knowledge.


Lily Batten

Lily has just joined this group from a beginners class. She has always given everything I have asked her to do a very good go. This class was a massive step up for her but she has given her all in every session. She is very keen to learn and develop her skills.


Sophie Cook

Sophie has worked very hard this month. She has been very keen to learn new skills and knowledge for her gymnastics. She puts in the effort to gain the skills she needs and wants to learn. She has just moved up a level ready for competition season and is looking forward to stepping up to the challenge at an outside competition. Her effort in every session has given her the opportunity to master a tuck back off a block and to understand her music more in-depth.

Saturday Beginners 1

Sofia Piroga

Sofia has worked very hard this month to overcome some of her fears within gymnastics. When she first started she was scared of heights and wound not go on the high bar or beam. This month she has mange to overcome this fear. She has managed to swing on the high bar and walk slowly along the high beam. She has worked very hard to do these and I look forward to her trying new skills on the high equipment.

Saturday Beginners 2

Pippa Wells

Pippa has not been with the club very long. She always tries her best with every skill we do. She brings a smile to the group and will always help others in the group. Since joining the class she has learnt many new skills and will now be developing them further. With all of her hard work she has potential to move up a group within the coming months.

Saturday Novice 2

Lauren Robertson

Lauren has worked very hard this month. She has just moved over to this group and has fit into the group very quickly. She has been working very hard within the gym and at home to improve her basic skills. She is always willing to help others within the group and me when setting up circuits. She is a pleasure to teach and very keen to learn.

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