Gymnast of the month – Steph – December



Petal has just joined this group and has tried her best at all the skills I have given her. She is constantly working and takes on feedback to try and change her technique. She always comes in ready to work hard.

Monday Novice 2


Evie has worked very hard this month to develop her skills and knowledge. She has been determined to learn all she needs to move across to a competitive class. She always comes in with a smile and makes the whole group laugh. She is constantly asking for feedback on her skills and is always want to try new skills.

Key steps


Lucy has worked very hard this month on her handstands. She has always struggled with this skill and has been keen to improve it. She has finally managed this skill just in time for her competition.

Elite Floor & Vault


Jazleen has worked very hard this month to transfer her flic to the floor. As soon as she achieved this she was quick to connect it to her round off. She is constantly working hard through every session and is always asking how she could improve her skills more.

Saturday Beginners 1


Zakhar has worked very hard at learning his basic shapes to complete his badge 8. He is very keen to learn in each session and comes in with a big smile. He’s confidence improves week on week as he gets a better understanding of each skill.

Saturday Beginners 2


Albert has just recently started gymnastics but gives everything a go. He is very keen to learn the skills and how to develop them further. He is full of confidence and willing to help anyone who is struggling within his group.

Saturday Novice 3


Olivia has just moved up to this group but ensures that she gives everything a go. When she is struggling with a skill she asks for help and doesn’t give up. She ensures everyone in her group is ok and will always help them if they are struggling. She is very keen to learn and develop her gymnastics.

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