Gymnast of the month – Adam – July

Ruby Ball

Saturday Novice

Ruby has been working very hard this month and has shown great improvement with a lot of her skills especially her forward rolls and she has been learning to do backbends and kickovers and has been progressing very well with these new skills.

Albert Stanley

Monday Novice

Albert has been working very hard on all the skills and has shown great improvement over this month with his acrobatic skills for example his cartwheels and handstands not only that but he turns up to every lesson and always tries his very best and is always very friendly to everyone in class.

Izzabella Curtisr

Friday Novice

Izzabella has not long been in this class but has worked so hard on everything we do and is
determined to try new skills all the time.She also has shown great confidence with all the moves we have practiced throughout the month and always has a smile while doing them.

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