Gymnast of the month – Coach Adam – September 2022

Key Steps
4pm – 5pm

Lottie Arnold

Lottie has improved a lot recently with all her vault basics and listens to every bit of advice that is given. She is also very hard working and willing to learn.

Monday intermediate 5pm – 8:30pm

Bella Hawkins

Bella is always trying to improve by asking questions to ensure she is doing things right. She works very hard on all the skills we practice in the class.

Tuesday intermediate 5pm – 8:30pm

Olivia Wright

Oliva has been working really hard on all the skills in class especially her handsprings and fly springs these have seen great improvement since joining the class she has also been working very hard on her upwards circle on bars.

Wednesday & Friday
Floor & Vault squad
5pm – 9pm

Hayley Readon

Hayley has been working very hard on her handspring over vault recently and she has gone and competed in her very first floor and vault competition with the squad her confidence in her own ability has seen great improvement.

Thursday novice floor & vault
5pm – 7pm

Nicole Gmiterek

Nicole has been practicing her floor routine at the gym and at home and she is great at listening to any changes and taking them on board ready for her competition.

Saturday beginners
12pm – 1pm

Amala Clarke

Amala is very hard working and willing to take advice to learn as many skills as possible she really tries her best on everything.

Saturday Novice
1:30 – 3:30pm

Megan Tamsett

Megan has really gained a lot of confidence and tries her hardest with evrything we do in class and have seen a great improvement in all her fundamentals within the gym.

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