Gymnast of the month – Coach Stephanie – February

Mini Advance

Mia Shufflebotham

Mia has worked very hard on her goals this month. She has pushed herself to learn new skills ready for when she goes out to compete later on this year. She never gives up and is always on hand to help their gymnasts.


Sophie Cook

Sophie was worked very hard this month on her conditioning. She is determined to get stronger and improve her skills. She is constantly working and doesn’t have to be told twice to practice her weaker skills. She has managed to achieve so much this month and I look forward to her keep pushing herself to be the best.

Saturday Intermediate

Zakhar Elizarov

Zakhar has worked very hard to develop his skills further. He is always first to give new skills ago and never afraid to ask for help. He’s continuous hard work shows every week and is noticed by all.

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