Gymnast of the month – Stephanies – June

Mini Advance

Ava Thomas

Ava has worked very hard to learn her routine this month. She is currently the only one within her group to get the routine to finish in time with the music. She had began to take on board constructive criticism to improve all of her skills. She is desperate to improve her vault and is always asking for ways to improve it.

Rosa Kay


Rosa has been working very hard to complete more of her badge work. She has been very welcoming to the new members of the group and often makes sure everyone is ok when they come into the gym. Her basic skills have improved massively due to her determination and hard work throughout the sessions this month. She has also made sure she has began to develop her basic skills.


Beatrice Westwood

Beatrice has been very determined this month. She was given the opportunity to move up levels and she has proven she is ready. Although she has not yet got her round off flic she hasn’t given up and will always try to connect them without being asked. She will take on any feedback given to her and try to change it straight away. She is very hard working throughout all the session.

Saturday Beginners 1

Chizaram Ibe

Chizaram has worked very hard this month. She is constantly listening and trying her best with all tasks given to her. Her basic skills have come a long way due to her hard work and determination.

Saturday Beginners 2

Maisie Belcher

Maisie has recently joined the club. She has worked hard to learn her basic shapes along with some basic skills. She is always working and comes into every session with a smile on her face.

Matvey Elizarov

Saturday Novice 2

Matvey has been working hard to develop his basic skills and knowledge. He is very keen to learn and always puts 100% into all of his work. He is always working and is willing to give any skill ago.

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